Angry Black Man, a mad as hell Black Man?

So I am an Angry or Mad Black Man trying to do something about and what do I get in return?

Crazy ass Niggers always want to tell you something about Jesus, whom they never follow.

First, I pray the truth does not offend. But it time we quit playing games.

How can you glorify in taking up the Good Book, they used to beat your ass with, to bless yourself and your people? Would you be better served by taking the same switch or belt your parents used to beat your ass, to bless yourself and your people.

That's exactly what our "stupid asses" are doing and NOW LOOK.

We do not know good from bad, right from wrong and we are even more pitted against each other. Ain't that saying something is terriblly wrong. Why is the crime rate rising instead of going down?

Work on what you know. Do you not see, know or realize this shit? Is it not obvious to you what’s really going on? Do you think you are not apart of the problem, if you’re not apart of the solution?

How can you be anything other than angry, when you know? A people who was oppressed and still is and they expect you not to be, not to know, not to say anything....They know.

A country in economic and social decline has got the nerve to label me as an Angry Black Man. Out of all the violent atrocities the commit everyday, I'm the crazy one.

How can you not see the darker the harder? How can you not see the trickery – 9.9.9? How can you not see our jails, our communities, homes overrunning with domestic violence and abuse? Don’t you see our angry ass kids standing on the corners of neighborhoods we are ashamed of and in which refuse to live? Do you call living, as soon as you lay down some shit, somebody steals it? Nobody, absolutedly NObody can be trusted and you have the nerve.

Do you not see, “the Gooder” you try to be, the more you are oppressed, Is that right, fair, justice? Do you not see a people who say one thing while doing another, hypocritical and untrustworthy as we are? Is this or is there ever a time when we should embrace cheaters, liars and thieves? Doesn’t it anger you when you see a bully taking advantage of and innocent child?

Yes, an adult male, fucking and playing with the private parts, yes a Preacher molesting, a teacher molesting, a politician molesting, a supreme court justice abusing and they never go to jail for it. But you take a poor person already struggling, in poverty, oppressed as hell, depressed trying to “make ends meet” and they throw his or her ass in jail for public drunk, having a marijuana joint, smoking a joint in public? You have nerve to hold not being educated, ambitous, untrained...

Doesn’t it anger you when 5 male preachers are caught, fucking around sexually, playing with each other dicks, yet trying to hide it from the rest of the world and got caught. They tell you homosexuality is an abomination, but behind closed doors their fucking each other in the ass, just for the hell of it.

We don’t want to hear the truth? And hiding it from our kids is our biggest fucking excuse. We have the nerve to think our chidern do not see our hypocritical asses, they do not know our hypocritical ways. Don't you think your child sees you cheating on your wife. Don't you think they know you are not working all those long hours? When they hear the scandal, how do you explain it? Do you tell them to do as i say but not as I do? What fucking sense does that make? What rating are you XXX, 999, 666?

Our education system is failing us and what do we do, SPEND MORE MONEY BUILDING AND EXPANDING AN ALREADY BROKE SYSTEM! Is that throwing good money after bad? WE talk about how much sense we have, but what good is talking when you keep putting up with the shit. How many ass whippings do you need, how many are you willing to take?

Me, I am tired of taking ass whippings for things I did not do. I tired of being denied because I tell the truth. I tired of working my ass off, for nothing and I do not want to see it in future generations.

Where is YOUR HOME TRAINING? Must you be educated and still can't see your ass is being beat down? Call me a fool, but it takes one to... Do you stand for what’s good and wholesome for all people or are you on your own ego trip? Do you even know the difference?

Does money rule your life or is it faith? How many days do you...Pleasssseee Isn't it obvious that you think, "the more education you have the more money you can steal"? Now, do you see the real stupid in your ass? Even worse, why do you educate your children the same. Don't you think this stupid shit is going to end? Then, what are you going to do?

How does lying to your own stupid ass self benefit your or anything you want to do? How can that be logical or reasonable and you call yourself all that?

How can you expect me to be peacefully judged by a system that is more corrupt and violent than me? Is that fact or fiction?

So I encourage you, I employ you to do the same. Speak up, Stand up, Write it, however it comes out, TAKE IT FROM WHEREEVER YOU CAN GET IT, Do something to help get shit back on track before we 9.9.9 each other.

Writing it is the most humane way, I can think of to seek peace and peacefully express myself.

(((your inner

They say I have an anger problem but all I am doing is telling the truth Aggression.

It's amazing how people can "predict/see" how my anger leads to aggression, but they cannot see predict how the anger of this country leads to aggression.

And the crazy part about it all is that I am not angry, just truthful, whether you believe it or not. I am more truthful than your Presidential Candidates, more truthful than the Republican used to be. That's a sad state of affairs when you compare yourself with such trash. And they have rightfully earned that name, coaches, preachers, teachers, politicians, leaders,,, if you can't lead your fucking family, how can you lead a country/

If your cheating as husband will lie, cheat and steal on you wouldn't he do it to our country. How could you ever tolerate such a blatant criminal act of betrayal? Then you call me a “DEAD BEAT DAD”. You tell me to GO BACK TO SCHOOL. you tell me it my fault I ain't got a job? Rising crime rate is my fault. I am supposed to happily standby and watch you bailout Corporate "Greedy Ass" America while the bulk of hard working American citizens, Innocent people, SUFFER.

Christian, you embrace A BAD MAN, and you reject a good one. We had GWB for eight, but BO-44 ain't never been good enough. You ought to forgive the man and let him serve 8 years, JUST BECAUSE. Well, at least until you find someone better. Is Deomcracy really working? Can you ever make the right decision? Can you ever live with your own decision? ARe you ever satisfied with any damn thing you do?

I am supposed to be grateful, smiley faces, embrace your reason and logic.

No, no mad, but not stupid either.

Somebody who tells you it's getting better when it's getting worse all the time. How do you anger manage that?

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