Letter From A Crack Head

if i was a crack head your bills wouldnt get pay

Have you ever tried to communicate with a crack head? Just may be you can tell me how? May be there is something here I am missing? Now, I really understand better what God is working with.

This letter is from a young lady, who is enrolled in online classes for an Associate of Science Degree in Medical Billing and Coding.

Yes and my is serious and i want out right he been a crack head and alway will be. He will work but can hold a job long at all and am done. It more to just help paying bills in staying in some house and sh*ti dont live her free so hay why would i let u he put ever thing all back in my face but there one thang about me I never let him hold me back from noting. I life that one thang i will say about myself and i no i can do much better al by meself. I cant stop saying how much time i have out in and all i get it a some that keep saying if i was a crack head your bills wouldnt get pay I just laugh. when u go to the bath room and come out look crazy i no your ass long eungh to see how u act. he hit in the bedroom when friend of mys come by even my parents he a chicken ass no good never going to have crap ass i hate to be mean but it the whole Gods know am tellit not all its avery long story to but am cutting it short. But we will chat and you can just tell me how stupit i have been for so very very long.Its just not fair he should just be a man and woak the hell out that door and live me the hell alone but no am his should to lean on. Well no more babe your time i up been up u get tried.

If there was only one word I could write? "If loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right."

your inner voice

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