Letter to African-Americans


African-Americans, with whom are we at war?

Niggers? Colored Folk? Blacks? African-Americans? Negroes?

Why all the bloodshed? Why all the anger? Why are so many of us being murdered everyday? With whom are we angry? With whom are we at war? Why are we being killed? What is the location of our battlefield, where? Where are the front lines located? Who’s our war god? Who’s leading our wars? Killed in the line of what duties?

Does it make any sense?

How do you think the world views us or do you think “nobody” is paying attention? Looking at The Big Picture now; for what reason do we have to fight each other? Now, from a military standpoint, I almost understand. That is where the war comes in?

On which side are you? Which black people do you support? What tribe?

Do you think the world sees us on “an individual basis” or “as a group”? Are you different? Are we different?

Let us prove it!

Your inner voice, A new era of responsibility!

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