Letter to President Barack Obama

Mr President, I know you have been very busy and as far as I am concerned, have done a wonderful job, bailouts, and all, but I have one little humble question, since you received the Nobel Peace Prize and I am so pleased for you?

Honestly speaking, where is there more peace? Which war did we stop? Crime, where has it decreased? May be I am wrong or being selfish or missed something somewhere? I mean the wars are hitting home. Soldiers and civilians dying everyday, homes broken, parents missing…there was another Purple Heart presented in my hometown today. Again, I am happy my President is a nobel peace prize recipient, but it does bring that question to mind.

I also wanted to make this little note known: To hell with a terrorist, how many terrorist attacks have we suffered over the last centuries?

You had a little campaign promise and all this other crap popped up and now, we are fighting invisible terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan and ... Before the elections this was so doable, what happened? What happened to peace, bringing the troops home, before another life is unnecessarily lost? I mean since you have been President, have you seen a real reason for us to be there? Does our soldiers love there more than they love their families? If so please share it? May be we have to straighten them out before we straighten ourselves. Great job, but what is really going on?

Sincerely, Art

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