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cruise ship in trouble high seas

Why do you even want to live?

Antarctic cruise ship loses engine after being pummeled by treacherous surf. Never seen anything like that before, 1 in every 159 times. Is that life, a cruise ship in high seas?

Can we win Afghanistan? Can we win at home?

We all go through life changing experiences, but what do we do when and if we come out? What do you do? Do you believe in life after death? Do you see or think “a second chance in life” is life after death? How many lives or chances do we have? Do you hit the ground running?

Is life after death the same as a second chance? Is a second chance the same as life after death? Does any of that mean a new life? Does it mean a new you? It takes some of us a little longer to realize the impact of what is really going on? We want a new life, but not willing to die? We are so affraid to let go, so we hold on until the last moment. Then, if we survive, we often fail to realize the significance of through what we just went. What exactly does living mean!

So how can you leave somewhere you have never been? How can you save anybody if you are not saved? There are truly some eye-opening experiences.

Peace of mind, is that a result of a new life, a second chance? What was my state of mind before the second chance?

Do you believe in second chances? What do you do when you get a second chance in life? A second chance is the same as life after death. A new life is a second chance at life. If your life change and you do not, then what? Life goes on, but what about you?

If you are lucky enough to get a new life, would you change? Would you live as if you never learned? Would you celebrate? Why do we celebrate Christmas and all these other holidays? Are they just days off? If you hit the lottery, would that give you peace of mind?

Would you preach and teach about your life threatening experience or would you just keep your mouth shut? Would you be happy or would you be sad or angry? Would it be a need to grieve? Do you realize how many people fall into traps all because of temptation and nobody said anything? What about saving our children, women, the ignorant, the less fortunate? Is there any explanation needed for a life changing experience?

Do you want to die in a way where your spirit is uplifted? That is the kind of stuff that comes to me. Everyday is a second chance at a new life, should I awake.

Kicking it to a new level, you just got a new life, a new you, for yourself and all those around you? You have got a second chance. If you stand still too long, somebody will cover you up. Are you more ready for the next horror story?

Hit the ground running, remember life goes on. Now you better know where and/or what you need to do, but your time is getting shorter. You are my inspiration.

(((your inner

"Dashing through the snow! St. Nicolaus! Over the hills we go, laughing all the way!

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