Life is a Black Hole

Why would you want to get out of the hole? Do you see the BLACK HOLE on this page?


do you see the dot above my head?

Keep in mind the Black Hole is no larger than the smallest dot on this page. Do you see the dot off to my right? That dot is not you, you are so small, you cannot even be seen in that dot. That dot represents the black hole and is much larger than the black hole containing the rest of the whole world as you know it. This is not figurative, but literally. It is the best I can do to describe to you, how small you are compared to the rest of the world, you do not know.

Getting your life in perspective? You are absolutely right, you are like a single grain of sand on the beach, nobody notices you.

So why are you so concerned about what others think? Why all the commotion? Why do we put so much pressure on each other to conform? Have you ever noticed a single grain of sand out of order on a beach? Is not there enough change by natural causes, to prevent us from imposing on each other? So exactly what are we learning and teaching? Is today proof?

Life is void, an empty space, and just like the planets we know, we revolving around in it. Our only hope is the place where we impact. After impact, what will we do?

As we are falling in this void, black space, why are we so concerned? Why not just relax so we can glide, doing our best to keep from colliding? Why do we have the idea, we're doing so much when we ain't even here long enough to figure anything out? Why do we keep patting ourselves on the back for all our new discoveries, when if we were gliding, we would discover all the soft spots to land, all of the limbs to grab hold of. But we are so busy fighting, we never notice.

Understanding why we are forever in turmoil? It is one thing to have the knowledge, but it another to apply it.

I have been trained in so many areas, but denied every opportunity to practice. Why?

If you do not use it, you will lose it. You are grounded to this orbit, so everything must come to you and you is just the tiniest space and place in life.


(((your inner gliding)))


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