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Life, What’s Life for? The real Answer

We take life so for granted.

We eat like pigs, without a thought of something had to give its’ life for us to be able to eat? Hamburgers, chickens, plants,,,something had to die in order for us to live. How are you living?

Do you just go by and grabbed a pizza and throw the rest in the trash? When you start to think about how much restaurants throw away? How many restaurants are their in your community? Autos, 4 or 500,000 new autos every year. I think Toyota alone already sold 1,000,000,000 autos this year? Think about how we are living,,,,how high on the hog?

Everyday, So many lives are given/taken in order to spare yours? For what are we complaining, for what are we striving? Are you a democrat, a republican, an independent, liberal, conservative, black, white, tall, short, sex, age, credit score,,,the list goes on.

But what about that soldier, our troops, that veteran? Animals? Clothing? Shelter? Food? Freedom? Life, what is a life? To educate you, to employ you, to love you, to die for you? Now, are you worth it?

I think about the lives sacrificed for me to be able to do this?

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