Living For the Sunshine

Cold, wet and cloudy days are springing into action.

I know one day it will come around.

Fall and winter, but winter most of all causes most life forms, to which I am accustom, to go dormant. Outside activities are minimized if you do not like cold weather. Add cold, wet cloudy days can get the best of me. Talking about "cold feet" and I am through.

I appreciate fall and winter, especially for ridding of pesky critters. Though winter is the shortest season in my neck of the woods and thank God for that, it makes me look forward to spring.

Though I appreciate fall and winter, I look forward to spring and by the time Spring arrives, I am bursting at the seams with anticipation. Guess I must learn more activities to do during fall and winter. I love seeing things grow and new growth excites me. Most of all, I look forward to the warming weather, long days and lots of sunshine.

So, to symbolically shed those cold, wet, cloudy days, I am so thankful my life has been spared to see another Spring and I am springing in to action.

)))your inner

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