Living your best life! Living Oprah? Living Your Real Life?

What you need to do and how you need to do it depends from which side of the track you come? Whether you see self or others? We come into this world being helped. As soon as we are adults, the focus change to helping others. If you are helping others, then fine; but the majority of people are doing just the opposite. To them, self comes first.

Reality: wars, economic crisis, neighbors, communities, families are trying to become as independent of each other as possible? Progressively, we are becoming each others worst nightmare – crime. This is real life, but I hope not our best life.

Living Oprah or anybody else, I would not suggest to anybody, because what you see and what goes on behind closed doors?

It's about living my Real Life. Not the Best Life? Living your real life may suggest more concern for self and accepting this harsh reality. In my neighborhood, living can be very depressing, very little hope, which is not a best of anything, but it is my real life? "This is my truth. This is my truth." And I hang on to what I have identified as my truth, nothing would change, if we accepted this?

Living your best life will suggest there is something to be done and it is different from what we have been doing. That is how we can live our bestl life - helping others.

I think she is saying be true to yourself, but recognize we are headed a wrong direction. If you don't know the way, somebody has to show you,,,your inner

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