Local Churches

During a disaster

All I can say is, I thank God for "White" Churches.

A great and well needed response from you guys!

You were visible and made us feel welcome to whatever it was you had to offer. You were ready, willing and able during this most critical and unsuspecting disaster.

When everything you own is either wet or damaged, you were there.

Thank you for all the emergency relief items, your ability to reach out and share.

Minority churches and organizations, the big boys, we have got a long ways to go, when it comes to taking care of our people--Concert givers, radio stations, Greeks, Dr. this and that, the we can do all things leaders. Just may be you were there also and I did not see you. However, in a predominantly minority neighborhood, it would have been nice to see some minority preachers. What an example to follow. I can see you in your fine cars and clothes, tv, radio, cassettes, dvds, playing, singing and jumping around in the pulpit, but when it comes to serious business, Where are you.

For the large number of minority churches in our communities and vans they have, I did not hear nor did I see one minority church offering a piece of bread nor water, much less help to the shut-ins and workers. What minority preachers visited and offered whatever it was they had to our community? Not your members but people.

Not even a van to take our shut-ins to critical places during the disaster.

Just maybe there is a lesson to be learned here. You expect us but we know we can not expect you.

I ain't mad at you but, I do want you to know, we have a long ways to go when it comes down to being prepared and taking care of our people.

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