Local and Community Leaders

During a Disaster

What is your emergency plan for your people. I hope it is not what I witnessed.

The only emergency contact number I saw was for the insurance commissioner, John Oxidine.

Now, during elections, there are posters, meetings, a whole bunch of talk and walkers going around talking about all the great things you can do for your people everywhere.

One of the largest natural disasters hits and no sign of a community leader anywhere. May be this was an isolated incident in my minority neighborhood.

No emergency guidance, who, what, when, where, about survival?

City workers, where were they?

Arguments about who is going to pay for what. Bring debris here, take it there, County versus City, City versus County? Hellooooo!!! Who is the council representative for southwest Macon? May be they were too busy with their own problems.

Now, here is one for you: The neighbor in back had power, the neighbor in front did not and on top of all that, she was single and blind. So, I went to the backyard neighbor, with an extension cord, and asked if they would mind sharing power to the blind lady behind them, to help keep her food from spoiling. You will not believe, They said, No. Now, both are female and of African descent.

Some people will never change, disaster or not. They hate their neighbor before, during and after.

Just may be had there been a community leader helping to organize things, the answer might have been different.

May be emergency generators would have been provided for some of our sick and needy.

No, we can not cover every emergency but we sure should see your face when not.

When we love people the way God loves us, we'll try to meet their deepest needs.

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