Black beauties, Black Berries, Art's locks

Black Beauties, Black Berries, Art's locks

Those long ugly, nasty things, I can't see how you ever comb them?

Dreadlocks, what are they all about? Are they good? What do they mean/represent? Or are they just another fashion/style like haircuts or afros, in one day out the next? Why are dreadlocks becoming so popular?

I dare you! I have been told not to refer to them as "Dreds". What's dreadful about them?

Dread - transitive verb. to anticipate with anxiety, alarm, or apprehension; fear intensely; to face (something disagreeable) with reluctance; Archaic to regard with awe. To fear in a great degree; to regard, or look forward to, with terrific apprehension.

You say, there is nothing serious about them in America? Other than a good haircut, Americans doesn't take anything serious for too long. This time, I think America is in for a big surprise. America, a difference, a change! In my heart the same. I shall wear them til I die.

Twisting here and twisting there, I thank God for my hair. Long and locked, without regard to race, creed or color, they unlock a freedom I have never before experienced.

That's the way "Dreds" make me feel. FREEDOM! Different, Thank God Almighty, never thought so in this land. With my passion for my people, peace and prosperity; and I shall never forget.

That's Art, thanks for sharing.

Dreads are an expression of deep SPIRITUAL CONVICTIONS, a manifestation of ethnic pride, make a political statement, or be simply a fashion preference.

No matter why you put them on your head, dreadlocks mean and the wearing of dreadlocks represent A SPIRITUAL CHANGE, a SPIRITUAL movement. Everywhere you research the meaning of dreadlocks, the meaning is going to be associated with a spiritual change or movement.

You can change that in your mind, but you can't change that anywhere else. You need to know why you are wearing them and it is time for a change. People who do not understand the process mock the dreadlock style. So, if you are wearing dreds or locks and do not understand why, mocking is what you are doing.

The group with whom I would like to most align myself with is The Rastafarians.

Dreadlocks are beautiful, they are divine!

The power of love?

(((your inner

Slaves, Slavery, Slaving

dreadlocks are beautiful

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