How To Keep From Being Lonely

By keeping busy and sharing! Working inside and out!

More and more people are going to online communities, social websites. They are using the web for companionship, e-mail and hobbies. Simply Sharing and the web is a great place to do that!

We spend a considerable amount of time and resources reaching out, but what for? Aren't we being a bit...? I think the idea of reaching out is to help someone while doing that?

To attract you, many online communities are free; subject focused and promises to connect you, fast and in a hurry. More discreet communities really screen their members and/or have paid membership. My profile? Passwords? Usernames? Secret this and Private that? Oh yeah, My career? Either way, by the time you figure out what is really going on, truth and honesty, and establish a relationship...what happens? Then you are off to another site or asking for help. It is like renting an apartment or a house, somebody else owns versus buying and building your own. Those of us seeking a partner, upon finding them, close out our membership and "live happily..." Well, what and how does that say for the web?

Here's my strategy, create your own and let people find you. It is the same principle, the same process. It is more open and honest and when you have received your request, you still have a nice beautiful and clean home to work together. Your hard work and effort is still intact and now working for you or ya'll. The chances of success and people really having a good feel for who you are and what you are really about are greater.

Now, I really think that is what the web is coming to and best suited to do! All the blocks and filters will not keep the wild horses away and there is no need for them.

If you build it truthfully, Instead of closing, own a piece of the pie, unite and keep going. Like keeping a journal.

Here it is right here!

Enjoy and keep sharing. Art

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