Wow, Look at me NOw!

look at me!

A status beyond compare!

Do you know what I am thinking? Do you care how I feel? But Who am I really? This is what you have made me. I am for what you are looking.

I am educated, smart, talented and attend church three times a week; and I want you to know it. I can play your games, eat your food and wear your clothes.

Behind every man is a good woman, I can make or break you!

Mass media, the arts are my goals, I am a sexy super star, reaching for fame and fortune.

I am the epitome of every mans desire. Diva's, you ain't got nothing on me! Now, you know why we sing those songs and why some wear their pants on top of their heads?

You act like you know what you are doing, so work with it.

(((your inner

Man's last definant act

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