Superior Genes

What about my gene pool? What's a diploma mill?

Improving your gene pool, how do think, what you think and what you think about this… One husband said? Kinda cute!!! You have inferior and superior people and it seems now, the scales have been thrown off balance, why?Why do we get married? With what kind of partners do we choose to enter in relationship, why? Unequally yoked, what does it mean? Why are good healthy relationships so hard to maintain?We marry for many reasons, mainly money, looks, lust… but have you ever thought of this: It's perhaps not the sweetest thing a husband ever said to his wife, but “marry in order to pass on her superior genes”. Do you think that’s" kinda cute."

Unscrupulous recruiters, where are they? Do you know the real enemy, the man behind the mask? Looking to take advantage of their educational benefits while shortchanging them on their education. What “decent human being would impose such criminal activities upon another?

We have tirelessly fought, not just worked but fought for this, And, do you “think” he's kinda cute"? Doesn’t it work both ways? The crowd added, to approving hoots from women in the audience.

Superior genes are a tough act to follow. For the gentlemen out there who are not yet married, let me just explain to you: Your goal is to improve your gene pool by marrying somebody who is superior to you." The crowd laughed.

Does that have anything to do with race? Just why and how does one people consider themselves superior over the other? Is it because that is a fact or just the way things are? Why do Christians feel so strongly, their way is the best and only way, excusing their atrocities?

Does one race being superior cause the superior race to look down on who they consider the lesser???

Diploma mills that market to a “lesser people”, where are the superior people, who are they?

Why do you pay a man based upon degree, title, money... What are "true talents"? What about his ability to provide for family, country....What kind of information are you getting? Would a superior people educate you to be as superior as them?

If degrees, titles were so important, why not award a Common Sense Degree and Functional Certification. Those degrees are earned on life experiences.

To whom would you consult, the ones who built the country or the ones who stole the country. Just depends on what you want to do, build or steal?

If the slaves could not understand and do the job better than their master's, why would a master chose the slaves? Based upon what criteria were slaves selected? So, if you wanted to learn how to build, which title would you choose, the master or the slave? If you wanted to learn how to enslave which one would you consult, the master or the slave? Are diploma mills good for anything?

The students "falling through the cracks", are they superior or inferior? Are they saying, they are tired of sitting in empty, good for nothing classrooms, failing to teach them how to be functional in life?

An A student in an institution, but a failure in life. Are GEDs any less functional than a high school diploma? Why and why would you offer a lesser program? Who's needs are you meeting and what can they do with what you offer?

(((your inner

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