Lopsided Lovers

People who do not understand you but they want you to understand them.

They say the best way to find your perfect sexual partner is just a matter of constant reassurance.

But what do you do with those who want you to understand them, but they refuse to understand you?

Does America really care what African-Americans think? Do they give African-Americans credit for anything worthwhile? Really, is that a problem or not? Where is the constant reassurance?

Why are African-Americans constantly "trying", struggling to meet the criteria set by their White American counterpart? Is it an all for one and one for all type scenario?

Does it overflow into our government? Is this a place where Lovers show up to Mingle? Are African Americans any more demanding or attention seeking than any other people? No, they are less and that's why we tolerate them.

Are our government officials people we elected or people who manipulated their way into position top? Is there a difference, what?

Maybe you didn't know how uneven, how lopsided your life was, but now that you've

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