Louis Farrakhan and Barack Obama

Rejection and Controversy

  • Obama pressed on Farrakhan in primetime Democratic debate.

  • Does Obama think Farrakhan is a good guy?

  • Pressing the Illinois senator to condemn and reject the controversial Nation of Islam leader's recent, unsolicited endorsement.

  • Hillary Clinton makes hay of the fact Obama did not immediately reject Farrakhan.

    Louis Farrakhan backs Obama for President at Nation of Islam Convention in Chicago.

    Do you accept the support of Louis Farrakhan?

None of us are perfect and Louis Farrakhan is a very perceptive and honorable person and has been for a long time.

Sometimes the questions we ask suggest, a few of us, enjoy and desire even more chaos and controversy.

The idea and goal being to further unite this country, why should Mr. Obama, 2008 presidential candidate, reject the endorsement and support of anyone, including The Bush’s or Osama Bin Laden? We want world peace!

We have been tricked long enough. Everybody is willing together work together for this much needed change and the change is here, not for any certain people, but for the world, rich and poor. We are a world leader.

It is a welcome change to see Mr. Farrakhan support Mr. Obama.

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