Love Last Forever


Then why do we fight it so? Is love irritating?

Do you deserve love?

What’s going on with “forever”? Have you lost it? Is it true love you’re giving? Is there another way? Must you really love your neighbor or is that just a saying?

Reckon it’s worth finding out? Will we get any better if we don’t do better? Do you know true freedom? Then, why all the restraints? Are you overqualified? Do you carry them a sandwich and bowl soup, while moving in? What happened?

If love lasting depends on you, then what kind of shit is this? Is this really the way love is or is this an illusion? Which is the real illusion?

How can you tell how long love last, if you never experienced it? Would you let love slip away, by-pass me, what about you?

Do you love every day? How often? Does real love have anything to do with sex? Then why do you marry them together? Why would you?

What happens when you miss a day? Is , respond in kind?

So what exactly is it you want them to do? Can you be that yourself? What happened? How could they do it without you?

Does that mean they ain’t feeling it? Are they blocking, do they, might they think you have ulterior motives? Just when do you know for sure? What is your plan, so how do you expect them to know?

Do you really get what you give? And just how long does that last?

(((your inner

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