Love, why so important

How do you know it, maintain it and give it back safely?

Do you really love this country, respect this land? If so, why are we in this predicament? Even more important, why do you keep doing stuff to keep us in this predicament? Is love as blind as we think it is?

If you are so up-right, smart, innovative, creative, why do not you do something about it? Who cares where you were born? Why is so difficult for a compassionate people to make it together? Are we really together?

Love is the key to all human existence. With it we grow and prosper, without we perish.

Why do we have so many self-inflicted problems today? Today, there are so many unnecessary problems and bad relationships, one blaming the other. We just cannot seem to come clean with each other. We have to be so careful who comes into our home today? We input so many limitations on each, guilt is the only result.

That is the problem, love is not to depend on another person, but so you may be accountable and dependable to others.

I think of and on them and desire to share in the best way to rid them? If we did not make it so, we would not have that concern.

Love it how people come to know and understand the real you. And because life must be given in order for you to live. No matter if it be vegetables or meat, something has to die in order for you to live. So keep that in mind as you eat, drink and be merry.

How does love begin? The thought of knowing you are not alone.

How do you keep love? Hold this thought in mind and share it openly and honestly in all you do.

Why is love so important? No burden, trial or tribulation is yours to carry alone.

(((your inner


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