Luck Knocks

lucky horseshoe verbena garden

Nobody knows when or where, but when it does you had better be able to answer. This is your lucky day!

Feeling lucky, lucky you, Time to take your future in hand! LOVE, CAREER, FAITH, COUNTRY!

It’s very risky to depend on luck. Luck always seems to be against the man who depends on it. - Author unknown "Every dog has his day in luck." - Japanese Proverb. Lady Luck!

"Work and acquire, and thou hast chained the wheel of Chance." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is not good enough just to be lucky, luck comes in two forms, good luck and bad luck, be careful of the luck you seek!- Art Thomas

Luck is like fishing, because you go does not mean you are going to catch fish, but if you do not go, you are assured not to catch any fish. - Art Thomas

As luck would have it? Luck of the draw? Last chance to get lucky?

(((your inner

Lucky seven!

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