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The truth about mental illness, how do you know when someone is mentally ill, when they set the standard for being mentally ill?

How do you tell someone who refuses to listen to REASONING AND LOGIC? If I tell you my feet hurt, will you tell me I need insurance?

The Truth About Lunatics is the pressure is too great?On which side of the fence are you? What happens when there are more people on the wrong side of the fence? Do you just go "back and forth at will"? Can you really be a lunatic about Truth?

So if everybody is as crazy as hell and hates the next guy because they see them as inferior to society, then what good is an Insane Asylum or psychiatric hospital? Barack or Adolf, on which side of the fence are they? Are they on the same side as you, then why all the belly aching?

Insane Asylum and psychiatric hospitals are places we’ve created to look after the mentally ill. Though “ALL” of us should spend at least ten days, at sometime in our lives, we’re constantly fighting it. We actually view mental illness as a dreaded mental disorder. Why do we do that to ourselves?

Facing the reality of poor health and welfare, why not embrace mental illness? Aren’t we plagued, overwhelmed by health and welfare issues? Aren't we in a serious state of denial? Is hatred a nice thing?

Why don’t we take life as it is? Why do we say “it is”, “when it ain’t”? Is that shit normal? Then, on top of all that, “we deny the whole thing”. We have not a clue why we’re fighting or for what we’re livng. We just can’t be open and honest about anything.

All of us experience some sort of mental illness in our lifetime. Our Attitudes towards that emerge as negligence towards the mentally ill. To make ourselves feel better about our misgivings, we keep changing the name. Now a days, we have not a clue who’s what, but we keep locking people up and putting them in places that doesn’t look like they're locked up. Why didn’t we just leave them where they were and treat them from there, then everybody can learn?

Does the pressure ever get too great? Societies have always sought ways to care for people who have mental health problems, but they just refuse to admit, at one time or another the pressure is too great. We all do and should be able to admit ourselves when the pressure is too great.

How do you know the difference when you are in denial? Should we kill anybody? Isn't twelve years of education too much, for superior beings? Is not our crime rate too high? Inflation? Housing, Utilities, Food, Transporting??? Are we really protecting ourselves from ourselves or are we exposing ourselves to greater danger?

Are you on the outside or inside? People on the inside are suffering from the most severe and intractable conditions and cannot be understood. For their own protection, the protection of others or to hide them from view, these people are admitted to mental institutions. On the inside, you're limited but on the outside, you are unlimited where you may expose yourself to public viewing, class warfare, political parties, hate groups…?

Is not all these behaviors associated with lunacy? Has lunacy any correlation with people who want to go to the moon or any of its orbits?

My first exposure to mental illness was “Jim CROW”. I will never forget being a little boy trying to understand the logic and reasoning behind having a Colored and White laundry mat, schools, restaurants, jails, government, parks, swimming pool?

I never could understand how anyone could reason and rationalize “being much more productive and getting much more out of your slaves “by beating the shit out of them”?

Today, I still can’t understand why White Americans are in a serious state of denial in public, but relish the ideas in private?

My next exposure was: Understanding how one race of people could see the next race as "Inferior or Superior"?

My next exposure is “How can we keep doing the SOS, but expecting a different result”?

My next exposure is “How can this group of people set the standard for the rest of us?”

Now, I ask you this question again: How do you tell someone insane who refuses to listen to REASONING AND LOGIC? Obsessive Domination, is that insane or what?

Lunatics about Truth is the truth about lunatics.

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