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Homemade Soap Cutting and curing homemade Soap

Homemade soap, dishwashing liquid, conditioner, shampoo, lotion, moisturizer, and fertilizer; all in one bar of soap. Proven over the years. I know African-Americans have used this soap, in the absence of the soaps of today. It was this home-made soap that saved the day.

Save, Save, Save! Quick and easy, no fire and produces a great quality soap. Pure, no additives or perfumes--natural, homemade.

Helpful for dry skin and more! Be careful, have fun and save, save, save making old-fashioned lye soap.

Make big 6-7 ounce chunks you can grate for laundry or whatever your cleaning desires. I use it for all my cleaning needs, including conditioner and shampoo.


Lye (very irritating to the skin and can do severe damage to eyes and throats) Use extreme caution when using lye, aways keeping it away from children. You should use rubber gloves and saftey glasses when using lye. Follow the directions on the back of the lye box on how to handle lye. Also visit The National Capital Poison Center.

You can also make Lye

Water-- 2 ½ pints per 16 onces container of lye. Rain water is always great.

Old cooking oil-- 1 gal per 16 once lye. Yes, used cooking oil. The more fat the better and used vegetable oil will do just fine.

Utensils: Two plastic gallon buckets, one plastic 5 gallon bucket, two wooden stirring sticks. Use a well ventilated area.

In the first bucket measure one gallon used cooking oil and pour into 5 gallon bucket.

In the second "plastic bucket" measure 2½ pints water. While slowly stirring gradually add lye. Stir until lye is well dissolved. Container will become very hot, but allow mixture to cool before adding lye and water mixture to cooking oil.

After cool, gradually add lye/water mixture to old cooking oil while gently stirring. Continue stirring until mixture thickens enough to suspend the wooden spatula. The harder the lard and the thicker the mixture determines how hard the soap will become.

Pour thickened soap into approximately, 12" x 14" card boxes and allow 3 days to cure before use. Soap is ready for cutting after one day of curing. Do not wait any longer because soap may become too hard to cut. Card board boxes absorbs excess, while holding soap and it is easier to remove soap from boxes. (A good sunshiny day is best for drying soap.)

Problems Every once and a while my soap will not harden. So I asked Clarence. He said, every once and while a batch will not harden. So he breaks it down and uses it for fertilizer around his tomatoes and pecan trees.

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Homemade Dishwashing Liquid and Laundry Soap

Clarence's wife is. Here's Clarence Miller

At eighty-two years young, Clarence say's he has not purchased a bar of soap in over fifty-two years. His soap is great for cleaning everything, even for pressure washing his house and the parking lot of a giant fast food hamburger chain.

Enjoy and save, save, save...

Homemade Soap - the benefits

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