Macon Medical Center of Georgia Police, Officer H. Hall


Should citizens be fearful of police and their powers? Can you even reason with an Officer without pissing him off and going to jail?

Some officers forego common sense for power of badge and gun. After dawning a uniform, they become something other than human beings and escalate situations in order to make arrest or so they can "legally beat your ass".

Officer Hall, You gave me a ticket, now what? Where is your discipline and professionalism? Where’s the warning? Why are our jails full with innocent people? Man talk, it’s like asking with which head are you thinking?

Today, I drove a friend of mine to the medical center pharmacy to pick up medicine that had been ordered. This was no different from the many mornings before. We go early at 8:00 a.m., to avoid waiting. I stay in the car and normally slow poke around waiting, unless a car comes and move accordingly. It’s a process that takes less than 5 minutes.

Today was different. Within the 5 minutes, I encountered a Medical Center Cop with a serious threatening attitude, who gave me a ticket for being parked in next to a yellow curb. I was sitting there thinking, why is he being so threatening, why so tense, so early in the morning? I guess you’re not supposed to think like that.

Here’s the bottom line: He knew I wasn’t parked, while I was still in the road and I knew to move as directed, but he’s the Cop with a gun and a badge, who felt like he could treat me like shit and I had to take it or he could ruined my day with a ticket or jail. Yes, he even threatened to arrest me, all within a five minute period for such a minor infraction. Talk about “mental illness”? Officer Hall wasn't up holding the law, but had gotten angry and wanted to arrest me so he could "beat my ass". How can you explain anything if you can't talk?

What judge would see the loss of control by the individual who was suppose to be in control and throw the make-shift parking ticket out?

To show you how threatening he was, he went from motioning me to move to threatening jail, in less than a minute and for as “low-down” as he was, I am sure he would have escalated the situation in order to arrest me. Officer Hall was a total Ass-Hole about the whole situation. Why couldn’t he have given me a “warning ticket”?

No big deal with me, but I think of those before and after me. If this cop treats an old innocent man like this, what would he do for young folk, who are normally more aggressive? Why would such a meanial thing bother him so? Why would he escalate the situation, in order to prove his power, what point? Why are our jails full of innocent people?

Frustration and Anger management, especially early in the morning, why rush, why explode because someone didn’t move fast enough for you? Aren’t cops supposed to protect and serve, then why harass the very people you are sworn to protect and serve? I don't expect them to have a girly attitude, but use common sense. The answer is: It depends on the situation and how the officer is. So let it be known that Ofc. H. Hall is "one of them hard knots, you can't do nothing with him".

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