Made in China

Why is everything made in China?

Well not quite everything, but almost... And it is not only China but other countries like China.

Has that question ever occured to you?

About 24 million new people join the Chinese workforce every year.

Can the US learn something from China?


Is it because these counties produce better products?

Is it because it cost peanuts to produce products there?

Are these countries considered a better source of manpower and low minimum wage?

As compared to what?

Why are US corporations selling out to countries like China?

Can you imagine the increase in profits?

Can you imagine the future of the US job market?

You see, most of these 24 million new workers end up in manufacturing plants, making our everyday household goods. From toys to food to electronics, you name it and they produce it.

So the major concern and the top priority must go to "profit".

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