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Phone comanies, Now, who’s getting bullied and beat down? There was Puff The Magic Dragon and then, there was magicJack!

Have you ever been seriously pissed with your phone company, all of their exorbitant charges and drama? Have they ever threaten to disconnect your service? I mean they charged you for every little thing. $2 for information assistance? .20, .10, .5 cent a minute, this plan, that plan, local long distance, long distance, one year contract, two year contract, residential and business plans, free after 9pm, then 8pm, then 7pm. Maintenance charge additional? Oh no, don’t be late with your payment – no grace period, no mercy for their exorbitant phone bills. Sorry this phone is temporarily out of service! All the crap they would give you about their service and their bill! No choice, especially in small towns.

Well, I am here to tell you that a change is here. All those old intimidation tactics, “report you to the credit bureau” have been exchanged for “we want your business - no credit, bad credit, no questions asked, because we helped to make your credit bad with all our crazy charges and oversights.

With the introduction of "magicJack" phone companies "business as usual", "bullying beat the consumer down" tactics, have been all but forced to a complete halt and appropriately so.


- Never pay a monthly phone bill again! Free local and long distance calling in the USA and Canada. 100% Risk Free 30 Day Trial.

magicJack is a service you would want to get just to show phone companies your appreciation for the over inflated charges, drama and abuse they put many of us through. If Magic Jack never makes it any further, my hat is off to Dan Borislow, if in fact, he is the inventor of this simple but ingenious product and service. Perfect timing! It makes you want to say “Thank you God, there is hope”. I mean my phone bill has been as high as $300 and $400 a month and that is no joke. And the only response would be fruitless arguments about calls I said I did not make. My phone bill is still $100 a month.

magicJack quality, has to better than the old business as usual phone companies!

Magic Jack is a SuperHero saving consumers from the bullying beat down and exorbitant phone bills of phone companies. Thanks to Magic Jack we now have a viable phone option:


  • FREE Local & Long Distance!
  • FREE Directory Assistance!
  • FREE Phone Number!
  • FREE Call Waiting!
  • FREE Voicemail!
  • FREE Caller ID!

    $19.95, A YEAR!

With magic jack, you can buy a brand new computer, internet, email and a new phone with the money you save by purchasing Magic Jack!

Magic Jack has my inner vote of approval! Spread the love! Tell a friend! Talking about a Super Hero:

magicJack (Magic Jack)

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Now that we’ve established how exactly it functions, let’s look at how many different ways this can go wrong: magicJack, The Coffee

magicJack review

If you really need a phone, but can not afford magicJack, try SafeLink.

your inner, now you are set to start your own business!

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