Making It Happen

How do you make it happern?

Am I trying too hard? Are my dreams bigger than my abilities? Is it not meant to be? Then why is it being revealed to me?

Do I need to know the difference between fact and fiction? You do not know what true or fiction, so you go on what they say. They say go to school and you go. they say pay taxes and you pay, where, when do you learn better? Is it too late by the time you get one foot in the grave?

They said, I thought, you are full of shit.

There’s something I can do, nobody else can.

5 fingers on one hand, how do you get them working together? How do you spread the word? How do you get people more involved?

Practice – I’m practicing. I’m praying. I'm still blind and cannot see. I’m still lost and not found.

The hour I first believed. Grace

(((your inner

Intersecting Lives.

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