Making Tracks for Jesus

Making Tracks for Jesus

  1. An approach to releasing the God given potential trapped within you.

  2. Inspires one to be close to family and loved ones.

  3. A compilation of short stories and poems about life's tribulations.

P. A. Cooks, born in Louisiana and now resides in Nevada, is the author of ‘Making Tracks for Jesus’.

His ‘First’ publication, Paul invites you to know and purchase a copy.

Paul, with whom, I have enjoyed working is a well read and inspiring author. If you like that, then you will enjoy his new book.

‘Making Tracks for Jesus’ contains poems to inspire and messages to uplift.

A Great Read!!!

P. A. Cooks, Author, ‘Making Tracks for Jesus’
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May God give you...
For every storm,
a Rainbow. For every tear,
a Smile. For every care,
a Promise, and a Blessing
in each trial. For every
problem life sends,
a Faithful friend to share.
For every sigh a Sweet song,
and an Answer to
every prayer. --APA

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