Man on a mission seeking woman on a mission

rubby jacob

Kneel and pray! I guess this is what she is about to do...

"HELLO ART, i saw your profile today and became interested in you, and i will also like to meet you face to face, i will like to know all about you, i believe we can move from here to meet..." How and why do I always attract these kind of women? Is there a sign on my head or what? Do not they know who to skip? Why do the nice women pass me up and these kind strike every time. I mean is she being forced to do this kind of work? Why, how could someone pay you to intentionally screw-up people's lives? What kind of job is that? If she is a prostitute isn't she reaching a bit far?

When you are a man on a mission what does that mean? If you are a woman on a mission what does that mean? Certainly, I am not speaking of any criminal or subversive activity. I mean a person with a clear understanding of where they are headed in life. Someone who is clearly able to communicate thoughts and ideas enough to make sound decisions, as to the potential for working together, nothing more or nothing less. How important is that in your relationships?

What is your mission in life? What exactly is your mission statement? Why would you want to enter into relationship with a man on a mission, when your attitude is "Whatever"? Just for what do you care?

At different stages in life, we must stop, analyze and update our mission statements. Have you ever tried asking your partner to write you a letter of reference or testimony? It reminds me of “peer evaluations”, you can learn a lot about how your peers really think of you. It will be right there in black and white, maybe hurt feelings, but no harsh words.

Why would you enter into relationship with anyone with whom you cannot agree upon your missions? What good would or could that do for your relationship? If you cannot clearly write down how your partner is helping you, are they really helping? Would you be ashamed to sign your name to your peer evaluation, your testimony, your reference letter? Would you submit a hold-harmless agreement? And if all that happened for some unknown reasons what would that tell you? How could you ever achieve peace and prosperity?

Stop setting yourself and others up for failure. Be open and honest with yourself and to all those you love. Is not that what you desire in return?

Surround yourself by positive thinking people. Be a person on a mission and steer clear of those who have not quite figured that out SPIRITUALLY. Someone to kneel and pray with you today, standby you tomorrow and has a great appreaciation for life.

(((your inner


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