The Fall of Man, Brotherhood? Manhood, Fatherhood, Parenthood, what is immoral about man

Today, how easy is it to find a good man? How do good men come about? Who can teach a man how to be a man? How does a man learn to do all those things unique to being a man? Is this really a man’s world or do we have it backwards? Man, where are you? Trust no man?

A living being, let him rule over the fish of the sea, the birds, livestock, the earth, and over all creatures. But there is no “wo” in this man.

It is not good for man to be alone, so they came both man and woman, a helper suitable for each other. Born out of love into life to be a son, a brother and to continue the legacy of fatherhood, my health was of the utmost concern. Parenthood, what is an immoral parent?

Out of the same womb comes both, but my sex established my gender. My culture has the great responsibility of teaching me the difference between my femininity and masculinity. Herein, lies the confusion?

Brotherhood, what is an immoral Brother? Boys come to learn and respect masculinity from their fathers and to be like their fathers, they yearn to learn from their fathers. So, do you need a biological father to continue the legacies of Brotherhood, Manhood and Fatherhood? Will another man do just as well? Manhood, what is an immoral man?

As life would have it, there are natural causes which may knock one or the other parent out of the picture, but that does not knock-out the love and respect for that parent.

Can a man have two fathers? Fatherhood, what is an immoral father?

All the hoods a man must wear: Brotherhood? Manhood? Fatherhood? Parenthood? As a man thinketh so is he.

Does fathers reall know best?

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