Media Reports

peace and acceptance versus unrest and distress

What are the headlines?

We are inandated with Media Reports. That cause listeners to believe they are being kept informed on events around the world.

What does the media actually report? Does the media embellish stories to help them sell?

If people will lie, what about the media? So are you really being informed or are you just being told stories you can not believe?

The media embellishes stories on reports of unrest and distress around the world, which makes these problems your problem. What happens when you hear so many of these embellished stories? Are you being distracted?

They say the good stuff does not sell, but can you imagine that instead of being glued to media events,,,JUST MAY BE PEOPLE ARE WORKING?

Is there anything better than two armies making up?

I envision peace reaching into the world's farthest corners, showing the way to peace and acceptance.

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