Men Without Women

What would happen if the gap between men and women just keep getting wider leaving significantly more men than women in one place?

the ominous rise of a bachelor generation?

This may come as a surprise to people in the Western world, where women outnumber men because—other things being equal—the mortality rate for women is lower than for men in all age groups.

According to the United Nations, there are far more men than women on the planet. The gender gap is especially pronounced in Asia.

Girls are less well looked after than boys because they are economically undervalued. So if we are downgrading and devaluing our women,,,YOU KNOW what is coming? Another thing that comes to mind is the unacceptable behavior now being exposed about our Priests.

Early marriage and minimal birth control together expose them to the risks of multiple pregnancies. What is wrong with multiple pregnancies?

Women who would exist today if it were not for selective abortion, infanticide, and economic discrimination? And that number is rising significantly.

A cultural preference for sons over daughters leads to selective abortion of female fetuses, a practice made possible by ultrasound scanning, and engaged in despite legal prohibitions-- “gendercide.” Rampant in the world’s most populous country: China.

A chronic shortage of potential spouses. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

What the consequences will be of such a large surplus of young men?

a male “youth bulge”, the recent rise of Islamist extremism, overdose on testosterone featuring gangsters, bullfighters, and wounded soldiers. Brazilian-style crime or Arab-style revolution—or, as happened in Europe, they and their testosterone will be exported.

Find harmless outlets for your inevitable frustrations.

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