Remembering Michael Jackson

Jackson's white, crystal-beaded glove worn during

The King of Pop

Bringing the world together? Faith!

"Tears for the Joy Michael Joseph Jackson gave us over the years and the Joy of listening to his Angelic voice and the Joy of his unparalleled performances!" -- Jeffrey Daniel

For more than 40 years, Michael was a dazzling performer who transcended barriers, transformed the music world and transfixed fans and non-fans alike in every corner of the Earth. Literally mesmerizing crowds every where he went, Michael one of the few artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. Everybody made money and everybody got more than their monies' worth.

Negative Criticism and Controversy are never far behind. US Representative for New York's 3rd District, Republican Pete King said, society is "glorifying" a "low-life" while ignoring the efforts of teachers, police officers, firefighters, veterans and volunteers. "There’s nothing good about this guy", Pete "The Ass Hole" King. I never heard of Pete until now--first impression? I could see words like these coming from a nobody like me, but from a highly reguarded elected government official? Also never personally met Mr. Jackson but I can share how both people made me feel.

Mr. Pete, I guess that is what he would like the world to think of any black man. We never can or never could do enough? Or is it because we can not live the perfect life like him? No matter how far we come from behind and excel there are people who think like old pete, ignoring our efforts. People love to celebrate, what better gift, especially when you come across great talent, no matter who it is! Their efforts helps to take your mind off of all your personal problems and fills you with a "can do attitude"--honest, pure, non-jaded HOPE.

To the contrary of the comments made by Mr. Pete, those are the people who identified most with The King of Pop and like-wise so did he with them and their causes. That is what made the King Pop, The King of Pop. Further, I do no think you could find a more giving person, a person with a bigger heart? There is more than one way to fight for our couuntry and Michael did it with "A military-style jacket and aviator sunglasses, they were his trademarks. Michael has earned the greatest respect from our military and have won the love and respect of more folk with his entertainment than we have in any of the last wars. Now, that is coming from a veteran.

What about US Representatives like Pete "The Ass Hole" King? Do you think anyone of them could have been more courageous, more generous, more kind and loving?

What about the list of the famous performers who sang on the "We Are The World" record, what does Pete think about them? What about 11-year-old Paris and her siblings? What does he think about us?

Intelligence? John Boehner has appointed Congressman Pete King to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Helllooo! "What does it say about us as a country?"

What about innocent until proven guilty? Pete sounds like something out of an old hate movie. I can only imagine he hates himself. We are all humans, why badger a dead man?

No one wants to stand up and say we don’t need government officials like Pete "The Ass Hole" King, what an ass he has made of himself and his position and "There’s nothing good about this guy." A man in the mirror. I would hate to work for and with him. Reckon his subordinates pay him any attention? Do they feel threatened or intimidated or do they share the same professional attitude as pete--Rocking Robin, Ben? Mr. Pete's comments left me jaded and depressed.

Mike connected with people in a way people like pete do not want to understand. We are the world, we are the children, we are one, we are saving our own lives. Better that than to depend on people like pete, they are the kind that led us into this depression/recession.

Better to be thought of as a person rather than a personality. Michael Jackson ain't dead, he's making a come-back, only as Mike knows how to do. One of the greatest comebacks of all time--Michael Jackson August 29, 1958--June 25, 2009, an American recording artist, entertainer, businessman, humanitarian and magician. His music will live on in the hearts listeners forever. Reckon pete can top that? I sit around With my head hanging down And I wonder who's lovin' you...Keep laughing!

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