Michael Vick vs. Dogs

It's up to Michael Vick now. His last two co-defendants pleaded guilty Friday and implicated Vick in bankrolling gambling on dogfights. One of them said the Atlanta Falcons quarterback helped drown or hang dogs that didn't do well.

Birds of a feather. He said, she said.

Michael Vick


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Lesson learned: People, no matter how good you are to them, will turn on you. Put your trust in no man.

DOG FIGHTING: Anything can be a game. Paris Hilton, Pete Rose, Lindsay Lohan, Referee, Michael Jordan, Ray Lewis. Is it a Black and White thang? Are there two separate justice systems? Why make a mountain out of a mole hill?

Just think of your child being charged.

How many dogs roam city streets these days– road kill? How many domesticated animals will die tonight? Who is responsible?

Will you do all you can to destroy a man’s "legal" means of livelihood for participating in “Dog Fights”? Are pitbulls on the endangered list? How do animals get on the endangered list?

No animal “should be harmed”.

Animal brutality: How many animals do we euthanize daily? Man versus beast? Do you really value the life of a dog or a few dogs over the livelihood of another human being?

Gambling: Fine him, probation, fire him………? Why destroy the man? Really, what do we do with “bad dogs” or any bad animals for that matter?

The problem with gambling is--- it is illegal— in most states, depending on the state, what you are doing and who catches you -- lotto, work Pools, Auto racing, Chicken Fightin, Horse Racing, Dog Track, Poker, Watergate... All sports involve gambling. Life is a gamble. People, search engines... are a gamble. Admit it, we are a gambling Country.

Dollars and cents: Money says it all and changes a whole bunch of things. How much money do we spend on one auto race, weapon of mass destruction, Space Ship…?

I am not saying, Mike Vick is above the law and should not be punished but, it is how we go about it and to what extent. Haven’t we gone far enough? Two wrongs do not make a right.

Vick is and has been punished- rejected, dropped from sponsorship, barred from Falcons' training camp, suspended from playing in games, bonuses refunded, labeled “Coach Killer” and protested against – “Sick Vick”. Aren’t we blowing this out of proportion? Isn’t that enough? There is no comparison between a dog’s life and a human's life.

Confession -- With pressure or without pressure? I told the truth and you pressured me into telling a lie.

I told a lie and you pressured me into telling ????. You made me believe confessing was not worth losing all my material and earthy possessions. So to avoid losing all I've worked for, further pain and hardship, I confess.

Either way, it doesn't matter? You got what you wanted. I got what I wanted, we all got what we wanted.

We finally got what we already knew. The edvidence is stacked against you. Now, if you do not confess this is what can happen to you...we will take back all we gave and there is a good possiblity you will face some serious jail time and... Confess and your punishment will be less harsh.

I confess.

Now what - we will strip you of all we have invested and treat you like you never happened. It is possible we may get a new animal activist, new animal police, Tar and feathered, Hangin, Lynching, Mobbed, Jail, pat on the hand, all of the above, Justice. You will be lower than OJ... What about his dreams?

Is it Michael Vick, The person, The Football Star or Dog Fighter?

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My prayer is: The rejected and each one of us may know and experience how much God loves us personally.

Devoted to promoting humane ideals, esp. with reference to the treatment of human beings. This is the least I can do for one of the best Quarterbacks in the NFL, a fellow human being and youth.

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