Michael Vick Shakes Georgia Dome

the hug that Shook the Georgia Dome

The former Falcons Quarterback kept his word. Michael Vick had a feeling his return to Atlanta would be special...

After such a controversial incident that ended Michael's football career with the Atlanta Falcons and resulted in a short prison term. It was a fairy tale ending as Vick, Ex-Falcons QB returned to play against the Atlanta team. Vick really took advantage of his second chance--The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Atlanta Falcons 34-7 in the Atlanta Georgia Dome, Sunday 6 Dec. 09. It is probably the first time in history of sports that so many fans cheered for the opposing team, just sad it had to start in Atlanta.

A giant step for all mankind, also to be complimented for their efforts to make it all happen, is the the Philadelphia Eagles quarter back, Donovan McNabb and the coaches. They really know how to turn a negative into a positive. Michael Vick hugged by Donovan McNabb


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