Millionaire Mind

What do they say it takes? Is it luck like you say? Is it against your religion?

Do you work more for your pockets than you do your faith?

How short am I based on this list? Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth seems cast from the same mold as Royalty. Either it is or it ain’t.

    Learn & Grow.

  1. Driven from the inside, out.

  2. Passionate attitude toward goals.

  3. A Work Smart Mentality.

  4. A doer and take massive action.

  5. Patience, it may take longer than you planned.

  6. Treat All people the way you want to be treated.

  7. Understand failure is a part for the course and learn to rebound quickly. Get over your own fears.

  8. Build relationships, the more the merrier.

  9. On good faith start the journey.

  10. Be Grateful!

Most aren't this committed about their faith. Enjoy and see you at the top.

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