Have Mommies Replaced Daddies

Mom are you PROUD of your little soldier boys? Do we actually, really know what we want?

The other day, I heard someone say, human beings are curious to a fault?

Why would you love somebody, just to hate them? How do we go from nice clean, wholesome relationships to threats of bodily harm, life or death?

Well, if you are so smart, why? Even worst, is it getting better? Do you believe there are some who will tell you that by any standard we are progressing? That is real selfish, isn't it? Even though it has been but a "hot moment" that we got out of slavery, some embellish how much progress we have made. We cannot even make a claim to making slow progress, because if you are slow about good behavior, it is the same as evil behavior? Timing is everything. Do we want weapons of mass destruction or do we want to secure weapons of mass destruction? Why and why did we make them? Why are we an authority on weapons of mass destructions? REckon we would know one if we seen it?

Why do we send our youth into war so young, wouldn't it be wiser to fight all war with senior citizens. If you can support it, you damn well can fight it? you see, some senior citizens are ready? What do they have to lose? Wouldn't be no wars if senior citizens had to fight them?

How far, how long could you go without your arthritis, blood pressure, diabetes medicine?

It's another crazy stupid subject and lesson. No need to pay attention...

From where comes peace and harmony? Would we know it if we saw it? Do we only get it on vacation or so? Do you feel it any time you hear one of your patriotic songs?

Why did you marry a man like that? Why would you choose the armed forces as your test for manhood?

Exactly, what tests must we pass in order to earn the privileges of adulthood? With some, it is kill a lion, cook, clean and it used to be the same way here, But for some strange reason they have been replaced with only notions that someone else is supposed to do that work. With others it is fight, kill and destroy?

How often do “you” clean your yard? Is it more financial feasible for someone else to do it? Speaking of finances, why are we in this financial mess? Is it because of smart people like you? Look at yourself, you are not responsible?

Where are the real men? Is it work to work in your own yard or is it peace and harmony? Do you pay others for that, what about that doctors and lawyers? Do we have peace and harmony now?

As an American society, what is our standard of clean? Is it or should it be any different than that of our military? Is that our definition of peace and harmony; a lean, mean, fighting machine.

Does that impress you, make you sleep better or what? Why do we allow mommies to raise our men? Do not ask, do not tell? Mom, is this the kind of man you want to see?

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