Money, Marriage, Sex, and Common sense

One word above here does not belong?

"a house on a finger" or a bucket of water with 14 holes in it and multiplying.

Do you realize people will kill over violations of either of the above? Greed in either category will destroy you. It seems if you can manage to get the first three all at one time, the last one goes out the window.

You know you see such talented people in America, because America is one of the few places stuff like this can break you, go from celebrity status to Joe Schitt the rag man. And it all happens in the blink of an eye.

First, you are an icon for high moral and ethical standards and how they pay to get you there. Does that not make you feel some sense of obligation to yourself and the people you serve? No, but when you accept endorsements, it should. A light bulb should come on in your head saying, If I get caught screwing around on my wife, or doing something else really stupid, my hard earned career, which I need to support my family and my current lifestyle, is going to be in serious jeopardy. Further, I will become "the Laughing-stock, laughing stock".

That when you start sneaking around, hiding and lying about what you did and got away, a lesson should have been learned. That if you continue this kind of behavior, you will be a repeat offender, an addict, “a laughing stock”? You must know, that only because of your celebrity status, greedy ass people are going to be attracted to you and take whatever they can get. That if you were broke and a nobody, like me, like them, like you were before, no one would want to be associated with you.

Don’t you read? Can you not see what happened to others who tried the exact same shit? I mean if you did not read it any where else, you could read here: cheating on your wife, especially the rich and famous, compromises your livelihood. You are an investment. You have worked hard to get where you are? And then, you shoot your own self in the foot. Think about that for a minute.

Framed, setup, set his or her self up, another one bits the dust,,,in some kind of way, it implicates us all. Man, if that guy had just talked with me. You feel sorry for all parties concerned, but you still know justice will be served.

What is the use in doing all that shit, when you know you are not going to get away with it? Isn't that your message to the uneducated? I do not care who does it, even me, cheating does not pay. Do you want some Bernie Madoff financial advice? Who advises these guys? Of all the countries you can go to for the time of your life, why do you pick “Never Land”? And then, you want the very same people who you failed, who you ridiculed, to excuse your actions.

If you feel you must cheat, why not make some kind of legal arrangements? Why not ask for help? I mean you are talking about people who can afford to protect themselves like that. You have access to all kind of agreements. Really this applies to other stupid things, like dog fighting.

Money, Marriage, Sex, -- Common sense--, Overlooking it, Is being caught worth it?

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