More and Less Prosperous Families

Why are certain families more and less prosperous than others?

Sometimes I look at my life and my family and I want to give up hope, but just not knowing how keeps me from it. As I think back, I think of similar occasions where I have gotten myself into trouble, especially financial trouble and someone helped me out. At one time, I thought of selling all my furniture to pay off some crazy bills. I told my Sergeant Major, James Bradford about my thoughts and he advised me something like this: Just think what it will take for you to get all that stuff again. Yes, you will not have the bills, but as soon as you are a bit clear, you will be back at it again. There are many ways to solve your problems, other than selling out, but do you have the wherewithal to figure it out or do you just want to take the easy way out? That is how you got into this financial mess --the easy way out. You are too impatient to figure out a way before jumping in over your head. I made him a part of my family at that time.

The American dream, what if we did the same thing with our country? What if we just said "to hell with it" and just let everything go because we have gotten in over our heads?

I know there are some problems where "giving up" is the answer, but I know of no problems without viable solutions. Suicide is a long term answer to a short term problem. Now, my family, why must I throw up my hands? When things get tough why does not my family pull together? Is this the way it is supposed to be? Sometimes it even pisses me off. Why am I always involved with people who want to give up? Whatever happened to their kick-ass spirit? I see it like being on a football team or so, why does not my team have the winning spirit?

My family does not go to school. My family does not stick together. There are no super heroes in my family. My family is not prosperous. What happened to our family values? What kind of family do I have?

What would I say to my family? We are a team in all that we do. I would teach not to get into anything you cannot get out of, remember the team. If you have a problem, bring it to the table and we will help figure it out. We are a loving and together family.

A family that works together stays together. Is it the same in relationships or do I expect everything to be kicks and grins? The test of any good family is not how well we face good times, but how well do we face adversity. So the families or groups which operate well together, in the face of adversity, is going to be the family or group to win and win under less stress. So that is why some families are more prosperous than others.

What kind of family are you building?


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