A Mother's Love

What happens when your mother disowns you? Where is the healing?

Who does deal with a lot of pain growing up?

Are mothers the giver of life? What happens when your mother disowns you?A mother’s love, will yo momma disown you? Are you your momma’s? Does your momma approve? Is there any disgrace in being disowned? Is it another generation, another way of life? Is there a better way?

You know how we go around talking about how much we love our parents and they love us, honor your parents, but when you get right down to it, will your momma disown you? If your momma knew exactly what you were doing and up to, would she stop you? Would she agree with you?

Orphanages, foster care, juvenile detention, mother in laws…she wouldn’t agree with certain shit you do but would she disown you? If my momma was alive, if my momma had anything to say about what I’m doing, she would disown me. Not only would she disown me, she would beat my ass.

Parenting, mothers have established lines you do not dare cross and when you do, be prepared. Is her punishment any consolation for the wrong you’ve done? Mothers will defend their honor, which includes disowning you. They will tell you, I love you but, over my dead body, not in my house…. But what does all this cause?

What about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE? Is this where we learn how to put limitations on our love? Are we unique in this process? Are we secure in who we are and to whom we belong enabling us to allow our children to be themselves?

Does that mean you have done something mighty bad in their eyes? Will moving out help? How is it that we wound each other so? Is this cruel and unusual treatment?

Remember, your children are not your children. They do not belong to you, but to God. You are only the vessel through which they came, with the responsibility to nurture them to adulthood, not own them.

Every child has to grow up and in becoming your own adult, you feel you are no longer restrained by the limits of your parents, your mother and our parents need to understand that and there would be much less stress. But we've even gone to the level of putting our children through college, how long do we want to own them under the idea of preparing them?

Her limitations, is it your mother disowns you or you did something to violate her trust or authority? Your mother learned about ownership from her mother. I am so sorry for the position you have been put in. It sounds like your mother dealt with a lot of pain growing up.

When do we break these chains? We break the chains when we start to listen and obey our inner voices, not out of disrespect, but in acknowledging the giver of life, who is the giver of all life and what we know in it.

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