Mother's Day 2010


Today, so many of us joined family and friends in the celebration of Mothers.

So did I and this is what I learned, every mother has a child and every child has mother; but for reasons beyond our control, we may not be able to be with them like we want. That's my point, you can be that for someone else in need. Yes, all the love and atterntion you would give to your mother, you can share with another deserving human being.

I had the pleasure of observing two little children at dinner today, both of which lost their mother a couple of years before. One was 4 years old and the other 9 or so. We were all celebrating mother's day when I thought how could they celebrate? How are they feeling? Today must have been a vivid reminder of their mother's tragic death.

With that, I give thanks that I am loved and supported. Mother Earth accepts each seed and enfolds it in love. She provides a place for roots to grow and nourishes the green shoots reaching towards the sun.

I give thanks today for my own mother, even though I cannot speak with her or be with her, I send her my loving thoughts. I give thanks for the arms that embraced me, for the nourishment of my body and soul, and for the encouraging words that inspired me to aim higher.

There are also ways I may nurture and support others. No matter what my age or status in life, I have love to share. The spirit of God is my ever-present source of support and encouragement.

For love, both given and received, I am grateful. That's what I shared with them.

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