Moving Forward

Do you really know who to help, how? Moving forward with Deb is like moving forward with you.

Do you know how we help people who did not ask for help? Do you know how unappreciative they can be? Just look at the countries helped by the U.S.? Do they appreciate you?

Is that how our system is setup? Is it setup to help those that do not need help? Selfish...

Time to move forward. We're on a wagon train stretching from here around the world. We must do our part to keep it going. God has given you the power, the power to heal, what will you do with it? Did he give you the power or didn't he? If he didn't give you the power then STFU. Don't play with it.

We have the power to break these chains, without ever throwing a blow, why don't we use it? It didn't have to be slavery... so you already know.

You know sometimes when you get what you want it can be very overbearing, down right scary. What about a cancer survivor? How do you survive? Can you make it on your own? Why keep trying, have you given up on teamwork? Is there an "I" in team? What about "me"? Just how did Martin Luther King make it happen? Was it from dealing with assholes like me/you?

That’s why they say be careful for what you wish.

You’ll have to prepare yourself. As Margrett says, good food is all in the preparation. Just like that, when you make a wish, you had better prepare yourself.

Moving forward is something you never experienced, so it’s all new. There’s something called a progressive. It sounds good, but what’s the difference?

We all want to move forward, but who can you carry? Is it worth going alone? Do you enjoy living this life by yourself? Be thankful for people who allow you to move forward with them. There’s only one place you can go by yourself. I’m happiest when the people around me are happy. I’m happiest when those around me move forward.

That let’s me know something. Now is a time to reach out and give what you want you would want for yourself. Deb Garrison is a good friend of mine and I know Deb well enough to know she (((would not make an erroneous))) plea for help.

I feel her pain, I know this wouldn’t be an easy thing for Ded to do. It’s only natural, the impulse to cry out for help when you feel the pain.

Deb, I pray for you and I join your quest for help, your plea to share your burdens. So if there is anything you can do to ease this burden, Fun-raiser Deb's Garrison-osteoporosis Please click here

If nothing else, Share it!

Think on yourself? Would you have the foresight to do this? Would you include your inner Would you want someone to help you? Healthcare reform, put it into action now. I know we can do it and it’s not all about money either. There are some powerful people on here and it includes myself.

Be careful for what you wish, let's show Deb the trueness in our hearts. If you wish to move forward with Deb Join the Fun-raiser Deb Garrison-osteoporosis click here

Moving forward is to getting somewhere as banning together is to helping. We must utilize our power, our power of coming together in order to succeed. How else can this happen? Succeed at what,,,healing each other. Helping people, a people help themselves. Easy, just that simple...Thank you for sharing with us.

(((your inner

Deb's request for help.

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