Moving forward

Is standing still, being stagnant, a reason for which to die, but the ability to freely move forward is? People are happy.

What happens when you take a chance at drinking water from a stagnant pool, a pool in which there is all kind of shit? So what is nature's way of cleansing our waters? You must keep moving.

Now, will it do you any good to move backwards in life? This is not rehad? You only get one chance. Anything else slows progress. Think about things, even from one person.

I am not just trying to come up with good shit here, I am working like hell to save my economy, in hopes of saving my own ass and the asses of those I love.

It just ain’t humanly possible for us all to move forward at the same time, is it? Why is that?

Is it because we are not talented enough, smart enough, we do not practice or just plain out refuse? Do you even care – selfish? Do you want to see others do better? Where does that start, how?

What about the control thing, does it take a leader to tell you to keep moving forward, close the gap, eat, drink and be merry? Who tells you if you can or cannot have a Merry Christmas?

We talk about our powerful armies, but what about our civilian population? Are we even marching to the same drum beat? How do we look? So where should you expect an attack? Can a chain be stronger than its weakest link? Are you well balanced?

All you have to do is keep moving, because the drums will never stop beating. Do not stop for too long or someone will cover you up.

Think about shit and act accordingly, nobody has to tell you what the results of doing otherwise will be. Failing to act in a mature manner is plain out FAILURE?

Motivate! People must want to do! They must know where they are headed to get what they need.

Choice - Follow your inner guidance and make positive choices. Positive choices are for the good of the whole. Does it serve you better to drink poison kool-aid?

(((your inner

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