Must One Have A Website

"Please forgive a very basic question. To join the Affiliate Program, must one have a website? I do not currently have one."-- Sheila

Hello Sheila and thank you for inquiring!

I'm glad to hear about your interest in "the best affiliate program on the Net".

One of the best possible ways for you to expand upon what you are now doing, and continue to develop your skills (commuications, direct-marketing, copywriting, buying and selling)and at the same time; begin making good money immediately or to create a second stream of income, that will help you over the long term, is to join an affiliate marketing program like the one we offer, no money nor obligation. Just use what you have, your skills. After all, we give you all the tools you need to succeed. You just have to put them into action!

Now you don't need a website to join our affiliate program and even better, become a six pillar affiliate, no money or obligation either. We talk about how you can do it "website free" here, see 6 Pillar.

We all did not start out on the same foot, so SiteSell's Affiliate program offers something for everybody, from beginners to the most advanced.

You can sign up to be an SiteSell's Affiliate before you purchase a site. And it's easy to do.

Again, thank you for your inquiry, look forward to working with you and here is wishing you all the best at whatever you decide to do... Art

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