My "68 Chevy"

my 68 chevy

A very Smart and Lucky Truck! It is an outstanding member of of "the good old boys" club.

My 68 is works - halling, pulling and driving 60 miles a day. Like a good rugged man, you must learn to make due because nothing works on my truck. No heat, windshield wipers or radio.

I thought I needed all that too and was very dissppointed until I had something I needed to do. Since then, it has never stopped. We've passed plenty of new cars sitting side the road.

Oh, we have had a break down or two, but it didn't take long for another good old boy to stop.

Caution, my C10 will kill you, if you do not know what you are doing, Smart Truck. Your woman will know when you have arrived, you can tip-toe in carrying your shoes. My truck has a personality that can't be beat and it is funny to, just like you when you have had too much to drink. It has a sound that can't be replicated nor beat. It even has a bullet in the hood to prove it.

My truck has so much class. After a good days work, it is use to a "good old way back up in the woods fishing hole", it will get'em every time. Picnics on the farm, moonshine stills, well I can't tell all my 68's business.

Now, we are willing to part, with another special owner.

Forsale 68 Chevy C 10 special, $8,000 OBO, .

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