My Children

This article is about the attributes and qualities to be. Every child deserves access to great stories to enjoy the good in their communities.

I do more for your family than you could ever do? What will you see, stability or instability?

Decisions made in great secrecy? There's a huge power struggle going on and which side of the struggle are you on? It's Christmas and what do you hate, why? My children, why do you always see what you don't want to see?

These are dangerous time and we have very little time to get going? Who's going to run the country? If you are given the reighs will you use provacation? What intelligence are you receiving?

How closed are you? Why do you think you are the only ones on the block? With this year ending like this, what do you predict for the next?

My children they’ve been cheated out of everything and the everything they need, they find in other people and places. This article is about the attributes and qualities to be. What they don’t understand, what they need is sitting right there under their noses. They don’t even have to reach because it reaching to them but bitterness they reject it. How many children would like to have their dad as their dad? How many mothers would like to have their dad?

They are destroying their own lives based upon the bitterness to which they have been exposed – but they call that love of the highest. They are so confused, torn and between about their own father. They will tell you they know how bad he is and that confirms it all.

So until you change, nothing is going to change. Sad but true, you cannot settle for that for you and everything you touch will perish.

Above all things get Understanding and to get understanding you must be open.

You can forgive everybody else, but you can't forgive your dad.

I do more for your family, Can you read and write, because you are going to eat?

(((your inner

The Power of Eight

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