"N" Game

Playing the "N" Game.....According to national news, this is the game Senator Hillary Clinton, D-Presidential Candidate is playing.

"N" Game, as in negativity, a negative take on Senator Obama, D-Presidential Candidate.

What does that mean and why?

Kinda reminds me of the "N" word.

Is that the way to win by tearing down your opponent? Is that staying focused on the positive issues of this country?

Will the first female, the first former First Lady, as President of America, knock out the first African-American President?

As the 2008 democratic presidential nominees spend all their time and money to be the democratic nominee, the democrats are tiring from all the rhetoric. Can they come together and decide who is the best democratic candidate for the sake of causing less confusion and stressing out the American people?

The "N" Game, is it about working together, the best person for the job or is it just about "me"?

Between the two, somebody is telling a whole bunch of lies and it is getting worse all the time.

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