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Beautiful words and names, Honor and cherish.

Nairobi, What a beautiful word! What a beautiful name! I must be from that land! Nairobians, I am so honored to have you visit my site!

Kenya, is another. Although, there are so many others, these really stand out. You are all welcomed. Words alone, just can not describe their beauty. So much so until others want to steal it. Rob it! Takeover it! Control it!

Thank You for sharing your beauty with the rest of the world. I honor and cherish this opportunity. Keep going!

United States of America? Great Britain? Just out of popularity and deeds, historically; these words and names have taken on a pretty nasty reputation. Good on one side with and rotten to the core on the other. Da Da did not play that and Da Da is still not playing that.

Who is Da Da? From where is Da Da? Is Da Da still living? Was Da Da like Hitler and few other well known Hitlers of today? What exactly did Da Da die from?

Are you talking about Idi Admin? If so, he ruled Uganda not Kenya. Jomo Kenyatta ruled Kenya with an iron fist.

If he ruled with an iron fist, the what kind of fist are today's well known rulers, ruling with?

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