You are invited. Kinda of warm out here, isn't it?

SUBJECT: What’s going on in your neighborhood? Ask your self that question, DO NOT take a minute to think about.

What is supposed to be going on, don't think about it?

You know we talk ALOT about our economy, some of us are seriously concerned and we've have gotten kind of sick of hearing it.

How poor are we really? How rich are we really? You are a pretty smart person. You know how to tie your own shoes. You can read and write?

Do you feel the pressure? Has it hit home? Isn’t that something, is it new, old, good, bad news? The economy is crashing, The governor in clandestine businesses... What's a clandstine business? Is it open to the public? Traded on the stock market?

Isn't that real scary? Think about it in real time? Sometimes people can tell you things, but it all depends on what you hear? What about these clandestine business, who, what, when, where? Are the a support, have connections, fund other terrorist organizations? Are you thinking?

Why would you give a man a stick and ask him to beat you with it? Make sense? Do you deserve what you get? Have you ever had a hard fall? Busted your head? Reckon there is any difference in the pain?

Excuse me you all, you might not understand so I am going to call on some of those good old slave buddies. Slavery could not happen again could it? Who would be the slaves, just say, if it did? Aren't we all tired of slavery? Well, just why do we keep on doing all this same stupid old shit? YOu are a pretty smart person and I asked you that question.

Are you different from me. Why do you keep taking advantage of me and tell me, It's what I am doing to myself?

Are these examples to be emulated?

Would you, could you give $90,000 to your daughter-in-law to invest in her clandestine business? Where are our business majors? Why? Who's running this state, what kind of people? How can we make this long journey safely? Don't fool yourself.

Can you make sense out of things that don’t make any sense? I mean shit that just doesn't make sense to a BULLFROG. I mean, I do not want to be, and you call me crazy.

A nice sunny day outside and he tells you, It is raining. I meanly clearly absurd. Farmers, how can you grow crops and don't have no crops? Warning signs, somebody is going to go a little hungry.

I know things like this may not be important to you. you have probably got more important things to do. But think about it.

What's your thoughts on communist countries? Do you think it is out of the question? Just how do they get like that? Do you have a choice?

From people who are supposed to be more accountable and responsible than people like me? Don’t they think everyone can seem? Or do they think they are invisible?

I know you are skeptical of me and SPIRITUAL THINGS? But why not let the truth be told? But isn’t that even more reason to be skeptical? Scared SHITLESS? Be for REAL.

I can understand you being CAUTIOUS OF ME, but why do you place all your confidence, faith, life into people like them? How can you be saved and expect me to believe it? Why do you need me to believe in you?

Can you help yourself?

(((your inner

Duty, Honor, Country!

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