Alterations by Nita

Welcome to Nita's Seamstress Shop and I hope this one speaks for itself, but I did not forget.

Buying quality dress clothes is a major investment today and for the best quality and price most are having to cut corners. Plus, our bodies are constantly changing. But have you thought of buying the best quality and customizing them yourself? 

You may tailor the fit or add accessories like the ones below and that is where I come in, quality alterations! Many of the clothes we get come from God knows where and even though they have many designs, they all look like what I call "1D, 1 dimensional". Whatever happened to 3D? That is because they "look like" instead being a real tab. Cutting cost, but the difference can be seen and the best opportunity missed.

For your next formal event, since you're dressing up, look your best. Allow me to help you look better and keep in mind, it's all about attracting the BEST. 

Yes, I've worked for a shirt factory, drape shop and made "all" the drapes for the Medical Center of Georgia, Macon, Ga, where I was the only Seamstress for 30 years, and NOW, I have my on shop. No, I am not that old, Thank you! But, My alterations continue to amaze me.

Well, that's pretty much how I learned to sew. I look forward to hearing from you.

Can you tell which alterations I made? Nita

waist belt added

Waist ban added to jacket???

cuff and tap added

Cuff and button tap added to a pair of slacks???

Now, image these simple alterations to your best dress??? Thank you for visiting and don't forget to check out my home page. Nita's home page

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