No Child Left Behind

No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

The quality of schools directly affects the quality of education. As parents, students, and citizens, that is our responsibility. Too many are segregated by low expectations, illiteracy, and self-doubt. In a constantly changing world that is demanding increasingly complex skills, people are literally being left behind. As you can see, the skills are not being taught nor trained.

Our country fails in its responsibility to properly prioritize and educate parents, students, and citizens in life skills. Because of that, we fail in many other areas. It doesn't have to be this way. Solutions are well within our reach. It is time for a change.

Ways to Act

Basic Life-skills must be our goal--Love, food, clothing and shelter.

We must stop expecting and looking for others to do what we know only we can do.

Adults train children, so we must start with our adults.

We learn from each other and must train together, adults and children. When we succeed in educating each other, our youth, future generations and many other successes will follow.

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